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I’m Jim the Junkman and I'm right here in MI. I’ve been called many things over the years. Some people call me crazy Jim, crackpot, quack, and just nuts. My friends just call me Jimmy. In my mind, I’m just a car buying Junkman. I need to buy lots of cars everyday. I’ve got cash and tow trucks in Michigan, ready to pick-up your car and pay you cash
the same day!
Call me anytime, anywhere, if you live anywhere near MI and I’ll make you the highest cash offer
I can, for your car. The towing is FREE and I’ll pick-up your car within 24 hours. I'm available everyday - 7 days a week and I’ve got to buy at least 10 cars a day. Any year, make, model, or condition. It doesn’t matter whether it runs or drives. I’ve bought cars with a tree through the roof, with the engine in the trunk, vehicles with no doors & windows, some sitting in driveways and garages – some didn't even start for years.
If your car is broken down anywhere near Michigan, sitting at the mechanic's shop, too expensive to fix, or the engine or transmission is gone…give me a call at
& ask for crazy Jim... 'cause I've got cash to spend and I'm ready to buy your car now!




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Abbottsford Acme Ada Adair Adams Park Adamsville Addison Addison Junction Adrian Advance Aetna Afton Agate Agnew Ahgosatown Ahmeek Ainger Akron Alabaster Alabaster Junction Alamando Alamo Alanson Alaska Alba Alberta Albion Albion Landing Alcona Alden Alder Alembic Alfred Algansee Alger Algonac Alicia Allegan Allen Allen Park Allendale Allenton Allenville Allouez Alma Almeda Beach Almena Almont Aloha Alpena Alpena Junction Alpha Alpine Alston Alto Alton Altona Alverno Alvin Amadore Amasa Amber Amble Amsden Anchor Bay Gardens Anchor Bay Harbor Anchor Bay Shores Anchorville Anderson Anderson Bayview Andersonville Angel Angling Ann Arbor Antlers Antoine Antrim Antrim Center Anvil Aplin Beach Applegate Arbutus Beach Arcadia Arcadian Arden Arenac Argentine Argyle Arlene Armada Arnheim Arnold Artesia Beach Arthur Bay Ash Acres Ashland Ashland Center Ashley Ashton Assinins Assyria Athens Atkins Atlanta Atlantic Mine Atlas Attica Atwood Au Gres Au Sable Au Sable River Park Au Train Auburn Auburn Heights Auburn Hills Augusta Aura Aurelius Aurora Austin Austin Center Austin Corners Auvinen Corner Avalon Beach Averill Avery Avoca Avondale Axin Ayr Azalia Babbits Resort Babcock Bach Backus Beach Bad Axe Bagley Bagnall Baie de Wasai Bailey Bainbridge Center Bakersville Bakertown Baldwin Balitmore Ballards Corners Balsam Baltic Banat Bancroft Banfield Bangor Bankers Bannister Bar Lake Baraga Barbeau Bark River Barker Creek Barnard Baroda Barryton Barton City Barton Hills Basswood Batavia Batavia Center Batcheller Bates Bates Junction Bates Location Bath Battle Creek Bauer Baxter Bay City Bay Mills Bay Park Bay Port Bay Shore Bay View Bayport Park Beach Grove Beachmont Beacon Beacon Hill Beadle Lake Beal City Bear Lake Bear Town Beaton Beaver Beaver Grove Beaverdam Beaverton Bedford Bedore Beebe Beech Beecher Beechwood Belding Belknap Bell Bell Landing Bell Oak Bellaire Belle River Belleville Belleville North Bellevue Belmont Belsay Bendon Bennington Benson Benson Park Bentheim Bentley Bentleys Corners Benton Benton Center Benton Harbor Benton Heights Benzonia Bergland Berkley Berlamont Berlin Center Berne Berrien Center Berrien Springs Berry Junction Berryville Bertrand Berville Bessemer Bete Grise Bethany Beach Bethel Betsy Betty B Landing Betzer Beulah Beverly Hills Big Bay Big Beaver Big Bend Big Cut Big Prairie Big Rapids Bigelow Biggs Settlement Billings Bingham Bingham Farms Birch Birch Beach Birch Creek Birch Run Birchwood Birchwood Beach Birchwood Shores Birdsall Birmingham Bishop Bitely Black Lake Black Lake Bluffs Black River Blaine Blanchard Blaney Junction Blaney Park Bliss Blissfield Blom Bloomfield Bloomfield Hills Bloomingdale Blue Water Beach Bluff Beach Blumfield Corners Bodus Bolles Harbor Bolton Bombay Bonner Landing Boon Borculo Borland Boston Bostwick Lake Boulder Park Bowens Mill Bowmanville Bowne Center Boyd Boyne City Boyne Falls Bradley Bradleyville Brady Center Brampton Brandon Gardens Brant Brassar Bravo Braywood Breckenridge Breedsville Breezy Beach Brent Creek Brethren Brevort Brice Bridgeport Bridgeton Bridgeville Bridgewater Bridgman Brighton Brimley Brinton Brissette Beach Bristol British Landing Britton Broad Acres Broadbridge Station Brockway Brohman Bronson Brookfield Brooklyn Brookside Brookton Corners Brookville Broomfield Center Brown City Brownlee Park Brownsville Bruce Crossing Bruningville Brunswick Brutus Bryant Buchanan Buck Trails Buckhorn Buckley Buckroe Bucks Buckshot Landing Buena Vista Bullis Crossing Bullock Creek Bumbletown Bunker Hill Burdickville Burgess Burlington Burnips Burns Landing Burnside Burnt Burr Oak Burt Burt Lake Burton Butler Butman Butterfield Butternut Buttersville Byron Byron Center Cadillac Cadmus Cady Caffey Caffey Corner Calcite Calderwood Caledonia California Calumet Calvin Center Cambria Cambridge Junction Camden Camp Lu Lay Lea Campbell Campbell Corners Campbells Corner Campbells Corners Canada Corners Canada Creek Ranch Canada Shores Canadian Lakes Canandaigua Canby Corners Canfield Beach Cannonsburg Canton Capac Carbondale Carland Carleton Carlisle Carlshend Carlton Carney Caro Carp Lake Carp Lake Landing Carpenter Landing Carr Carrollton Carson City Carsonville Cascade Casco Caseville Cash Casnovia Caspian Cass City Cassopolis Castle Park Cathro Cecil Cedar Cedar Bank Cedar Bluff Cedar Creek Cedar Haven Cedar Lake Cedar River Cedar Run Cedar Springs Cedarville Cement City Centennial Centennial Heights Center Line Central Central Lake Centreville Ceresco Chaison Chalkerville Chamberlain Champion Champion Mine Chandler Channing Chapin Charing Cross Charles Charleston Charlesworth Charlevoix Charlotte Charlotte Landing Chase Chassell Chatham Chauncey Cheboygan Chelsea Cherry Beach Cherry Bend Cherry Hill Cherry Island Chesaning Cheshire Center Chester Chesterfield Chesterfield Shores Chestonia Cheviers Chicagon Chicora Chief Lake Childsdale Chilson Chimney Corners Resort Chippewa Beach Chippewa Lake Chippewa Vista Christmas Chums Corner Churchville Circle Pine Center Clam River Clare Clarence Center Clarenceville Clarendon Clarion Clark Bayshore Clark Corners Clarklake Clarksburg Clarkston Clarksville Clausedale Clawson Clays Landing Clayton Clifford Clifton Mill Climax Clinton Clinton Village Clintonville Clio Cloverville Clowry Clyde Coalwood Coats Grove Coddes Beach Coe Cohoctah Cohoctah Center Cold Springs Coldwater Coleman Colfax Collens Landing Colling Collins Collins Corner Coloma Colon Colonville Columbiaville Columbus Colwood Commerce Comstock Comstock Park Concord Condit Cone Conklin Conners Creek Connorville Constantine Conway Cooks Cooks Corners Cooks Mill Cooper Coopersville Cooperton Copeland Corner Copemish Copenhagen Beach Copper City Copper Falls Copper Harbor Coral Cordell Corey Corinne Corinth Cornell Corning Corunna Cotton Covert Covington Craigsmere Crawford Creighton Cressey Creswell Crisp Crofton Cross Village Croswell Croton Croton Heights Crow Island Crump Crystal Crystal Beach Crystal Falls Crystal Spring Crystal Valley Crystallia Cumber Cunard Curran Curtis Curtisville Cusino Custer Cutcheon Cutlerville Dafter Daggett Dailey Dale Dalton Damon Danaher Danish Landing Dansville Darragh Davis Davisburg Davison Dayton Dayton Center Daytona Branch De Tour Village DeWitt Dean Dearborn Dearborn Heights Decatur Decker Deckerville Deer Creek Deer Park Deerfield Deerfield Center Deerheart Valley Deerton Deford Deibert Delano Delaware Delhi Mills Delray Delta Center Delta Mills Delton Delwin Denmark Junction Dennison Denton Derby Detroit Detroit Beach Devereaux Devils Corner Devils Elbow Devils Lake Deward Dexter Diamond Shores Diamond Springs Diann Dice Dice Corners Dick Diffin Dighton Dimondale Dinca Diorite Disco Dixboro Dixon Dodge City Dodgeville Dollar Bay Dollar Settlement Dollarville Dolph Donahue Beach Donken Donnelly Dorgans Crossing Dorr Dorsey Doster Doty Doughertys Corners Douglas Dover Dowagiac Dowling Drayton Plains Dreamland Drenthe Drew Drummond Dryburg Dryden Dublin Duck Lake Duel Duffield Dukes Dundee Dunham Dunn Location Dunningville Duplain Durand Dutton Eagle Eagle Harbor Eagle Mills Eagle Nest Eagle Point Eagle River Eagles Nest East Comstock East Cooper East Dayton East DeWitt East Gilead East Grand Rapids East Highland East Jordan East Kingsford East Lake East Lansing East Leroy East Paris East Rockwood East Saugatuck East Tawas Eastlawn Eastmanville Eastmont Easton Eastpointe Eastport Eastwood Eaton Rapids Eau Claire Eben Junction Eckerman Eckerman Corner Eckerman Corner Lookout Tower Eckford Ecorse Eden Edenville Edgemont Park Edgerton Edgetts Edgewater Beach Edgewater Heights Edgewood Edmore Edwards Edwardsburg Eightmile Corner Elba Elberta Elbow Lake Elbridge Eldorado Elk Rapids Elkhorn Elkton Ellington Ellsworth Elm Elm Hall Elmdale Elmer Elmhurst Elmira Elmwood Elo Eloise Elsie Elwell Emerson Emerson Station Emery Emmett Empire Engadine Englishville Ensign Ensley Center Entrican Epoufette Epsilon Epworth Assembly Erickson Landing Erie Escanaba Essexville Estey Estral Beach Ethelwood Eugene Eureka Eureka Place Eustis Evans Evart Evelyn Evergreen Acres Evergreen Beach Evergreen Shores Ewen Eyedylwild Beach Fabius Fair Haven Fair Plain Fairfax Fairfield Fairgrove Fairland Fairport Fairview Faithorn Fallassburg Falmouth Fargo Farmers Creek Farmington Farmington Acres Farmington Hills Farrandville Farrar Landing Farwell Faunus Fawn River Fayette Fayettes Corner Felch Felch Mountain Fenmore Fennville Fenton Fenwick Fern Ferndale Ferry Ferrysburg Fibre Fife Lake Filer City Filion Fillmore Findley Fingerboard Corner Firesteel Fish Corners Fisher Fisherville Fitchburg Five Corners Five Lakes Five Points Five Points Corner Five Points North Fivemile Corner Flanders Flat Rock Fleming Fletcher Flint Floodwood Flowerfield Floyd Flushing Foote Site Village Forbes Location Forbush Corner Ford River Fordney Forest Beach Forest Green Estates Forest Grove Forest Grove Station Forest Hill Forest Hills Forester Forestville Forster Fort Holmes Fort Mackinac Fort Wayne Fortune Lake Foster Foster City Fosters Fostoria Fouch Fountain Fountain Park Fountain Point Four Towns Fourmile Corner Fourmile Lake Fowler Fowlerville Fox Frain Lake Francis Grove Francisco Frankenmuth Frankentrost Frankfort Franklin Franklin Mine Fraser Freda Frederic Free Soil Freedom Freeland Freeman Landing Freeport Freidberger Fremont French Landing French Town Frenchtown Friendsville Fritzburg Frontier Frost Frost Corners Fruit Ridge Center Fruitport Fuller Fulton Gaastra Gagetown Gaines Galesburg Galien Galloway Ganges Garden Garden City Garden Corners Gardendale Gardenville Gardner Gardners Corners Garfield Garland Village Garletts Corner Garnet Garth Gay Gaylord Geddes Geels Genesee Geneva Gentian Gera Germfask Giauque Beach Gibbs City Gibraltar Gibson Gibson Lake Giddings Gilbert Gilchrist Gilead Gilford Gillet Landing Gingellville Girard Gitchel Gladstone Gladwin Glen Arbor Glen Haven Glen Lord Glencoe Glendale Glendora Glengary Glenn Glenn Haven Shores Glenn Shores Glenn Stores Glennie Glenwood Glenwood Beach Glovers Corner Gobles Goetzville Gogebic Golden Golfcrest Gomins Good Hart Goodar Goodells Goodison Goodland Goodrich Gordon Gordon Beach Gordonville Gould City Gourley Gowen Graafschap Grace Grafton Grand Beach Grand Blanc Grand Haven Grand Junction Grand Ledge Grand Marais Grand Rapids Grand Valley Grand View Grand View Acres Grand View Beach Grande Pointe Grandville Grange Corners Granite Bluff Grant Grant Center Grape Grass Lake Grattan Grawn Grayling Great Lakes Beach Green Green Garden Green Haven Green Oak Green River Green Timbers Greenbush Greenfield Park Greenfield Village Greenland Greenville Greenwood Gregory Gregoryville Greilickville Gresham Grind Stone City Groos Gros Cap Grosse Ile Grosse Pointe Grosse Pointe Farms Grosse Pointe Park Grosse Pointe Shores Grosse Pointe Woods Groveland Corners Groveton Gull Lake Gulliver Gunnisonville Gustin Guthrie Gwinn Hadley Hagensville Hale Hallers Corners Halls Corner Hamburg Hamilton Hamlin Lake Hammell Beach Hammond Hamtramck Hancock Hand Hangore Heights Hannah Hannahville Hanover Hansen Harbert Harbor Beach Harbor Point Harbor Springs Harbor View Hard Luck Hardwood Haring Harlan Harlem Harmon City Heights Harper Woods Harrietta Harris Harrisburg Harrison Harrison Beach Harrisville Hart Hartford Hartland Hartley Hartman Harvard Harvey Haslett Hastings Hatchs Hatmaker Hatton Hautala Corner Hawkhead Hawkins Hawks Hawthorne Hazel Hazel Park Hazelhurst Hebards Heimforth Helena Hell Helmer Helps Hemans Hemlock Henderson Hendricks Herman Hermansville Herrick Herrington Herron Hersey Hesperia Hessel Hetherton Hiawatha Hiawatha Location Hickory Corners Hickory Ridge Higbee Corner Higgins Lake High Banks Highland Highland Park Highwood Higman Park Hillcrest Hillcrest Orchard Hilliards Hillman Hills Corners Hillsdale Hilltop Hinchman Hobart Hockaday Hodunk Holland Holloway Holly Hollywood Holt Holton Holy Corners Homeier Homer Homer Location Homestead Honor Hooks Corner Hooper Hoovers Corners Hope Hopkins Hopkinsburg Horr Horton Horton Bay Houghton Houghton Lake Houghton Lake Heights Houghton Point Houle Houseman Howard City Howardsville Howell Howlandsburg Hoxeyville Hoytville Hubbard Lake Hubbardston Hubbell Huber Hudson Hudson Mills Hudsonville Hulbert Humboldt Humboldt Mine Humphrey Hunters Creek Huntington Woods Huntspur Huron Beach Huron City Huron Heights Huron Mountain Huron Oaks Huronia Heights Hurontown Hyde Hyde Park Hylas Ida Ida Center Idlewild Imlay City Imperial Heights Ina Indian Grove Indian Lake Indian River Indian Town Indiantown Ingalls Ingallston Inkster Inland Interlochen Ionia Iron Mountain Iron River Irons Ironton Ironwood Irving Isabella Isadore Ishaward Ishpeming Island View Ithaca Iva Ivanhoe Jacks Landing Jackson Jacobsville Jamestown Jasper Jeddo Jefferson Jenison Jennings Jerico Jerome Jerusalem Jessieville Johannesburg Johnson Landing Johnswood Jones Jonesville Joppa Jordan Jossman Acres Juddville Jugville Juhl Junet Juniata Juniper Kaiserville Kalamazoo Kalamo Kaleva Kalkaska Karlin Karrs Corner Katakitckon Indian Village Kawkawlin Kearsarge Keego Harbor Keelans Corner Keeler Keewahdin Kelden Kells Kelso Junction Kendall Kenneth Keno Kent City Kenton Kentucky Kentwood Kerby Kerr Hill Kessington Keswick Kew Kewadin Keweenaw Bay Kibbie Kiernan Killarney Beach Killmaster Kilmanagh Kimball Kimball Location Kinde Kinderhook Kings Corner Kings Landing Kings Mill Kingsford Kingsland Kingsley Kingston Kinneville Kinney Kinross Kipling Kiva Klingers Klingville Kneeland Knights Mill Kochville Koss Kurtz L'Anse La Grange La Salle LaBranche LaFayette Landing Labarge Lac La Belle Lacey Lachine Lacota Ladoga Lagoon Beach Laing Laingsburg Lake Lake Angeline Lake Angelus Lake Ann Lake Bluff Lake City Lake Fenton Lake George Lake Gogebic Lake Huron Beach Lake Leelanau Lake Linden Lake Margrethe Lake Michigan Beach Lake Mine Lake Odessa Lake Orion Lake Orion Heights Lake Roland Lakefield Lakeland Lakeport Lakeside Laketon Lakeview Lakeville Lakewood Lakewood Club Lambert Lambertville Lambs Lamont Lanewood Langport Langston Lansing Lapeer Lapeer Heights Laporte Larch Larkin Larson Beach Lathrop Lathrup Village Laurium Lavender Corner Lawndale Lawrence Lawson Lawton Layton Corners Le Roy Leapers Leaton Lee Lee Center Leelanau Schools Leelanau Shores Leer Leetsville Legrand Leisure Leland Lemon Park Lenawee Junction Lencel Lennon Leonard Leoni Leonidas Leota Leroy Leslie Lesterville Level Park Levering Lewer Pewabic Lewiston Lewisville Lexington Lexington Heights Liberty Liberty Corners Lickly Corners Lilley Lima Center Lime Creek Limestone Liminga Lincoln Lincoln Junction Lincoln Park Linden Linden Hills Linkville Linwood Linwood Beach Liske Litchfield Little Killarney Beach Little Lake Little Manistee Little Paw Paw Lake Little Point Sable Little Venice Livingston Livonia Lockport Lockwood Lockwood Beach Locust Corners Lodi Loehme London Long Lake Long Lake Heights Long Point Long Rapids Longrie Loomis Loretto Lost Lake Woods Lottivue Louis Cabin Landing Lovells Lowell Lower Chub Landing Lucas Luce Ludington Lulu Lum Luna Pier Lupton Luther Luzerne Lyndon Center Lyon Manor Lyons Macatawa Mackinac Island Mackinaw City Macks Landing Macomb Macon Madison Center Madison Heights Malcolm Mancelona Manchester Mandan Mangum Manistee Manistique Manitou Beach Manning Mansfield Mansfield Location Manton Maple Beach Maple City Maple Grove Maple Grove Corners Maple Island Maple Leaf Maple Rapids Maple Ridge Maple Valley Maplehurst Mapleton Maplewood Marcellus Marengo Marenisco Marilla Marine City Marion Marion Springs Marks Marlborough Marlette Marne Marquette Marsh Corner Marshall Martin Martindale Beach Martins Bluff Martins Landing Martinsville Marysville Mashek Mason Masonville Mass City Mastodon Matchwood Matherton Mattawan Matteson Maue Corners Maxton Maybee Mayfield Mayville Maywood McBain McBrides McCarron McClure McComb Corner McCords McDonald McFarland McGregor McGrew Junction McHarg McIntyre Landing McIvor McKeever McKinley McLeods Corner McManus Corner McMillan McMillan Corner McPhees Landing Meade Meadow Meads Landing Mears Meauwataka Mecosta Medina Meisenheimer Corners Melita Melstrand Melvin Melvindale Memphis Mendon Menominee Menonaqua Beach Mentha Meredith Meridian Merrill Merriman Merritt Merriweather Merson Mesick Metamora Metropolitan Metz Meyers Beach Miami Beach Miami Park Michelson Michiana Michigamme Michigan Center Michillinda Michiwaukee Shores Middle Village Middleton Middletown Middleville Midland Midland Park Mikado Milan Milford Mill Mine Junction Millbrook Millburg Millecoquins Miller Millersburg Millersville Millerton Millett Milleville Beach Millgrove Millington Millville Milton Milwood Minards Mill Minden City Mineral Hills Minor Beach Mio Missaukee Junction Mission Mizpah Park Moddersville Mohawk Moline Moltke Monongahela Location Monroe Monroe Center Montague Monterey Center Montgomery Montrose Moore Park Moorestown Mooreville Moorland Moran Morenci Morey Morgan Morgan Corners Morley Morres Junction Morrice Morseville Moscow Moseley Mosherville Mottville Mount Clemens Mount Forest Mount Morris Mount Pleasant Mount Vernon Muir Muirs Mulberry Mullett Lake Mulliken Munger Munising Munising Junction Munith Munson Munuscong Muskegon Muskegon Heights Muttonville Myren Nadeau Nahma Nahma Junction Naomi Napier Napoleon Narenta Nashville Natalie Nathan National City National Mine Naubinway Naults Needmore Neeley Negaunee Nellsville Nelson Nepco Camp Number 7 Nessen City Nestoria New Baltimore New Boston New Bristol Location New Buffalo New Dalton New Era New Greenleaf New Haven New Haven Center New Holland New Hudson New Lothrop New Richmond New Salem New Swanzy New Troy Newark Newaygo Newberry Newburg Newland Newport Nicholson Nicholsville Niles Nine Mile Nirvana Nisula Nomad Nonesuch Noordeloos Norrie North Adams North Arms North Aurelius North Bessemer North Blendon North Bradley North Branch North Byron North Dorr North Epworth North Farmington North Ironwood North Lake North Lakeport North Leslie North Manitou North Morenci North Muskegon North Paynesville North Shores North Star North Wheeler North Williams Northfield Northland Northport Northview Northville Northwood Norton Norton Shores Norvell Norwalk Norway Norwood Nottawa Notten Novi Nunica O'Neil Oak Oak Grove Oak Hill Oak Park Oak Point Oak Ridge Oak Shade Park Oak Wood Shores Oakhurst Oaklawn Beechwood Oakley Oakley Park Oakville Oakwood Oberlin Ocqueoc Oden Odgers Location Ogden Ogden Center Ogemaw Springs Ogontz Oil City Ojibway Okemos Old Mill Gardens Old Mission Old Saugatuck Old Squaw Skin Landing Old Victoria Historic Townsite Oldport Olive Center Olivers Olivet Olney Corners Olson Omena Omer Onaway Onekama Onekama Junction Onondaga Onota Onsted Ontonagon Orangeville Orchard Beach Orchard Lake Orchard Park Orchard Point Orleans Orr Ortonville Osceola Oscoda Oshtemo Oskar Ossawinamakee Beach Osseo Ossineke Otisville Otsego Otsego Lake Ottawa Ottawa Center Otter Lake Overisel Ovid Owendale Owosso Oxbow Oxbow Park Oxford Ozark Paavola Packard Paines Painesdale Paint Creek Palatka Palestine Palisades Park Palmer Palms Palmyra Palo Panola Paradise Parchment Paris Parishfield Parisville Park Lake Parkdale Parkers Corners Parkington Parkville Parma Parmelee Parnell Parshallburg Parshallville Partello Patons Corner Patrick Landing Patterson Gardens Paulding Pavilion Pavillion Center Pavlovic Corner Paw Paw Paw Paw Lake Paxton Payment Paynesville Peacock Pearl Pearl Beach Pearl Grange Pearline Pearll City Peatville Peck Pelkie Pellston Pemberthy Crossing Penn Pennellwood Pennfield Pentoga Pentwater Pequaming Perch Point Pere Cheney Perkins Perrinton Perronville Perry Perry Lake Heights Peshawbestown Peters Petersburg Petersburg Junction Petoskey Petrieville Pettysville Pewabic Pewamo Phelps Phillipsville Phoenix Pickford Pier Cove Pierport Pierson Pigeon Pilgrim Pinckney Pinconning Pine Creek Pine Grove Pine Grove Beach Pine Ridge Pine River Pine Run Pine Stump Junction Pine Wood Park Piney Ridge Piney Woods Pinnebog Pioneer Pisgah Heights Pittsburg Pittsfield Pittsford Plainfield Plains Plainwell Planter Pleasant Lake Pleasant Ridge Pleasant Valley Pleasant View Pleasanton Plymouth Podunk Pogy Point Lakeview Point Mills Point Nipigon Pointe Aux Pins Pointe aux Barques Pointe aux Chenes Pointe aux Peaux Pointe aux Tremble Pokagon Polaski Pollok Pomeroy Pomona Pompeii Ponshewaing Pontchartrain Shores Pontiac Popple Pori Port Austin Port Crescent Port Dolomite Port Hope Port Huron Port Inland Port Oneida Port Sanilac Port Sheldon Portage Portage Entry Porter Portland Posen Poseyville Potterville Powers Prairie Prairieville Prattville Prescott Presque Isle Preston Corners Price Pries Landing Princeton Prosper Prudenville Pulaski Pullman Quakertown Quanicassee Quincy Quincy Mill Quinnesec Qumby Rabbit Bay Raber Raco Racy Rainbow Bend Rainy Beach Raisin Center Ralph Ramona Ramona Park Ramsay Randville Rankin Ransom Rapid City Rapid River Rapson Rasmus Rathbone Rattle Run Ravenna Rawsonville Ray Ray Center Reade Reading Red Oak Red Park Redford Redman Redridge Redstone Reed City Reeman Reese Remus Reno Republic Rexton Rhodes Rice Creek Richardsons Mill Richfield Center Richland Richland Junction Richmond Richmondville Richville Ridgeville Ridgeway Riga Riggsville Riley Riley Center Ripley River Raisin River Rouge Riverdale Riverland Riverside Riverview Rives Junction Roaring Brook Robbins Roberts Corner Roberts Landing Robinson Rochester Rochester Hills Rock Rock Harbor Lodge Rock River Rockford Rockland Rockport Rockview Rockwood Rodney Rogers City Rogers Corner Rogers Location Rogersville Rolland Center Rollin Rome Center Romeo Romulus Rondo Roosevelt Roosevelt Park Roots Roscommon Rose City Rose Corners Rose Island Roseburg Rosebush Rosedale Rosemary Beach Roseville Ross Rosy Mound Rothbury Roulo Rousseau Rowes Corner Royal Oak Royal Oak Beach Royston Ruby Rudds Mill Rudyard Rumely Rushton Rusk Russellville Rust Rustford Ruth Ryan Sac Bay Saganing Saginaw Sagola Saint Anthony Saint Charles Saint Clair Haven Saint Elmo Saint Helen Saint Huberts Saint Ignace Saint Jacques Saint James Saint Johns Saint Joseph Saint Louis Saint Nicholas Salem Saline Salisbury Salmon Trout Salva Samaria Sand Creek Sand Lake Sand River Sands Sandstone Sandusky Sandy Beach Sanford Sans Souci Sans Souci Beach Santiago Saranac Sauble Saugatuck Sault Ste. Marie Sawyer Schaffer Schmidt Corner Schomberg Schoolcraft Schultz Scio Scofield Scott Lake Scottdale Scotts Scottville Sears Sebewa Corners Sebewaing Sebille Manor Secord Seewhy Segwun Seidlers Selkirk Selma Seneca Seney Senter Sethton Seven Harbors Shabbona Shady Shores Shadyside Shafer Location Shaftsburg Shallows Shanghai Corners Sharon Sharon Hollow Sharps Corners Shattuckville Shaytown Sheffield Shelby Shelbyville Sheldon Shelldrake Shepardsville Shepherd Sheridan Sherman Sherman City Sherman Park Sherwood Shiawasseetown Shields Shiloh Shingleton Shorecrest Shoreham Shorewood Shorewood Hills Sickles Sid Town Sidnaw Sidney Siemens Sigma Silver Beach Silver City Silverwood Simmons Sister Lakes Sitka Six Lakes Skandia Skandia Station Skanee Skeels Skidmore Skidway Lake Skookum Skyline Village Slapneck Slaybaugh Corner Sleepy Hollow Slocum Smith Crossing Smiths Creek Smithville Smyrna Snover Snow Snowshoe Snowville Snug Harbor Snyderville Sodus Sokol Camp Solon Solon Center Somerset Somerset Center Sonoma Soo Hill Soo Junction South Blendon South Boardman South Branch South Butler South Fairfield South Greenwood South Gull Lake South Haven South Haven Highlands South Ionia South Jackson South Lyon South Monroe South Monterey South Park South Range South Riley South Rockwood South Whitehall Southfield Southgate Southland Spalding Sparlingville Sparr Sparta Speaker Spencer Spinks Corners Spratt Spring Arbor Spring Beach Spring Grove Spring Lake Springer Springfield Springfield Place Springport Springville Springwell Heights Spruce St. Clair St. Clair Shores Stager Stalls Corner Stalwart Stambaugh Standale Standish Stanley Corners Stanton Stanwood Star Star City Stark Starville Steamburg Steiner Stephenson Sterling Sterling Heights Steuben Stevensville Stickley Stillman Stirlingville Stittsville Stockbridge Stoneport Stoney Corner Stoney Point Stonington Stony Creek Stony Lake Stony Point Stoughton Corners Strasburg Strickland Stringtown Stronach Strongs Strongs Corner Sturgis Stutsmanville Sugar Grove Sugar Loaf Sugar Rapids Sullivan Sullivans Landing Sulphur Springs Summerton Summit City Sumner Sumnerville Sundell Sunfield Sunnyside Sunrise Landing Sunset Beach Sunshine Beach Superior Suttons Bay Swan Creek Swanson Swanzy Swartz Creek Swedetown Sylvan Beach Sylvan Center Sylvan Lake Sylvester Taffeltown Talbot Tallmadge Tallman Tamarack Tapiola Tappan Tasmas Corners Tawas City Taylor Taymouth Teapot Dome Tecumseh Teeterville Tekonsha Temperance Temple Tent City Tesch Texas Corners Thayer The Heights The Jackpines Theilers Theodore Thetford Center Thomas Thomaston Thompson Thompsonville Thornton Thornville Three Churches Corner Three Lakes Three Oaks Three Rivers Tift Corner Timberlost Tioga Tipton Titus Tobico Beach Tobin Location Toivola Tompkins Topaz Topinabee Toquin Torch Lake Torch River Tower Tower Hill Shorelands Traunik Traverse Traverse Bay Traverse City Tremaine Corners Trenary Trenton Trimountain Trist Trombly Trout Creek Trout Lake Trowbridge Trowbridge Park Troy Trufant Tula Tunis Turk Lake Turner Turner Shores Turners Corner Turtle Tuscola Tustin Twelve Corners Twin Lake Twin Lakes Twining Two Rivers Tyre Ubly Udell Unadilla Union Union City Union Lake Union Pier Union Plains Unionville Updyke Urbandale Utica Vail Valley Center Valley Farms Valley Island Van Van Meer Vandalia Vanderbilt Vandercook Lake Vantown Vassar Vaughsville Vega Vermilac Vermilion Vermontville Vernon Verona Verona Park Vestaburg Vick Vickery Landing Vickeryville Vicksburg Victoria Vienna Vienna Corners Vienna Junction Village of Lake Isabella Vineland Virgil Location Virginia Park Vogel Center Volinia Volney Vriesland Vulcan Wabaningo Wacousta Wadhams Wagarville Wagner Beach Wahjamega Wainola Wakefield Wakelee Waldenburg Waldron Wales Center Walgamor Corners Walhalla Walker Walkerville Wallace Walled Lake Wallin Walloon Lake Walnut Point Walsh Walters Walton Walton Junction Waltz Warren Wasas Wasepi Washington Waterford Waterloo Waters Watersmeet Watertown Watervale Watervliet Watrousville Watson Wattles Park Watton Wauban Beach Waucedah Waverland Beach Waverly Wayland Wayne Weadock Weale Weare Webberville Webster Weidman Weimer Welcome Corner Weldon Wellington Wells Wellston Wellsville Wequetonsing West Bangor West Branch West Gladstone West Highland West Ishpeming West Kinderhook West Leroy West Monroe West Olive West Sebewa West Sumpter West Tamarack West Tappan West Windsor Westacres Westchester Heights Western Location Westland Weston Westons Iroquois Beach Westphalia Westville Westwood Wetmore Wetmore Landing Wetzel Wexford Corner Whaley Drain Wheatland Wheeler White White City White Cloud White Lake White Oak White Pigeon White Pine White Rock White Star Whitefish Point Whiteford Center Whitehall Whitehouse Landing Whites Beach Whites Landing Whitestone Point Whitmore Lake Whitney Whitneyville Whittaker Whittemore Wic-a-te-wah Wickware Wico Wilber Wilder Center Wildwood Wiley Willard Williams Crossing Williams Landing Williamsburg Williamston Williamsville Willis Willow Willow Run Wilmot Wilson Winde Windigo Winegars Winn Winona Winthrop Junction Wise Wisner Witbeck Witch Lake Wixom Wobic Wolcott Mills Wolf Crossing Wolf Lake Wolverine Wolverine Lake Wood Creek Farms Woodbury Wooden Shoe Village Woodhaven Woodland Woodland Beach Woodland Park Woodlawn Woodlawn Beach Woods Woods Corners Woodville Wooster Worden Worth Wright Wrights Corners Wyandotte Wyman Wyoming Yale Yalmar Yargerville Yates York Yorkville Ypsilanti Yuba Yuma Zeba Zeeland Zenith Heights Zilwaukee Zutphen