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I’m Jim the Junkman and I'm right here in MS. I’ve been called many things over the years. Some people call me crazy Jim, crackpot, quack, and just nuts. My friends just call me Jimmy. In my mind, I’m just a car buying Junkman. I need to buy lots of cars everyday. I’ve got cash and tow trucks in Mississippi, ready to pick-up your car and pay you cash
the same day!
Call me anytime, anywhere, if you live anywhere near MS and I’ll make you the highest cash offer
I can, for your car. The towing is FREE and I’ll pick-up your car within 24 hours. I'm available everyday - 7 days a week and I’ve got to buy at least 10 cars a day. Any year, make, model, or condition. It doesn’t matter whether it runs or drives. I’ve bought cars with a tree through the roof, with the engine in the trunk, vehicles with no doors & windows, some sitting in driveways and garages – some didn't even start for years.
If your car is broken down anywhere near Mississippi, sitting at the mechanic's shop, too expensive to fix, or the engine or transmission is gone…give me a call at
& ask for crazy Jim... 'cause I've got cash to spend and I'm ready to buy your car now!




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Junk Car Removal in the following Mississippi cities:

Abbeville Abbott Abdan Aberdeen Aberdeen Junction Abney Ackerman Acme Acona Adair Adams Adams Landing Adaton Addie Adelle Agricola Aiken Airey Akron Alamucha Albeison Albin Alcorn Aldens Aldridge Alesville Algoma Alhambra Alice Allen Allentown Alligator Almy Alonzo Alphaba Alpine Altitude Altus Alva Amory Amy Anchor Anchorage Anderson Anderson Landing Anding Anguilla Anna Annandale Anse Ansley Antioch Applewood Arbo Arcola Ariel Arkabutla Arlington Arm Armistead Arnold Line Arnot Artesia Artonish Arunde Asa Ashland Ashley Ashley Crossing Ashwood Askew Athens Atlanta Atway Aubrey Auburn Austin Australia Landing Auter Avalon Avent Avera Avon Bacon Springs Bacots Bailey Baird Baker Bald Hill Baldwyn Ball Hill Ballard Ballardsville Ballaston Ballentine Ballground Baltzer Banks Banner Barbara Barbee Barfoot Barksdale Barland Barlow Barnes Barnes Prairie Barnesville Barnett Barr Barron Point Barrontown Barrs Mill Barth Bartlett Barto Barton Basic Bassfield Batesville Batson Batt Place Battle Bluff Battles Baxter Baxterville Bay Saint Louis Bay Springs Bayland Bayside Park Beach Beacon Hill Beans Ferry Bear Creek Bear Town Beardens Beasley Beatline Beatrice Beatty Beaumont Beauregard Beauvoir Becker Bee Lake Beech Grove Beech Springs Beechwood Belden Belen Belle Prairie Bellefontaine Belleville Bellevule Bellewood Bells Belmont Belpine Belzoni Benela Benjoe Benmore Benndale Benoit Benson Bent Oak Bently Benton Bentonia Benwood Berclair Bernard Berryville Bertice Berwick Bethany Betheden Bethel Bethesda Bethlehem Bethsaida Bett Beulah Beverly Bew Springs Bewelcome Bexley Bezer Big Black Big Creek Big Eddy Landing Big Level Big Point Bigbee Bigbee Valley Biggersville Bilbros Corner Billups Biloxi Binford Binnsville Birdie Birmingham Bissell Black Bayou Black Bayou Junction Black Hawk Black Jack Blackland Blackwater Blaine Blair Blakely Blakley Creek Blanton Blissdale Blodgett Bloody Springs Bloomfield Blounts Store Blue Hill Blue Lake Blue Mountain Blue Ridge Blue Springs Blueberry Hill Bluff Bluff Springs Blythe Crossing Blythes Chapel Bobo Boggan Boggan Bend Bogue Chitto Boice Bolatusha Bolivar Bolivar Landing Bolton Bommers Bond Bonhomie Bonita Bonner Bonus Boon Boone Booneville Booth Bothwell Bounds Bounds Crossroads Bourbon Bovina Bowdre Bowerton Bowie Bowies Chapel Bowles Bowling Green Bowman Boyer Boyette Boyle Bradie Bradley Bradley Chapel Branch Brandon Branyan Braxton Brazil Breland Brewer Bridgeport Bridges Bright Bright Corner Brighton Bristers Store Bristerville Bristow Brody Brookhaven Brookleigh Brooklyn Brooks Brookside Brooksville Brown Town Brownfield Browning Browns Wells Brownsville Brozville Bruce Bruce Junction Bruinsburg Brunswick Bryant Buchannan Buckatunna Buckhorn Buckleytown Bude Buena Vista Buena Vista Lakes Bugh Bulah Bunker Hill Bunkley Burdette Burgess Burke Landing Burnell Burns Burnside Burnsville Burt Burton Busey Bush Busy Corner Butler Buxton Byhalia Bynum Byram Byrd Byrne City Bywy Cadamy Cadaretta Cadillac Caesar Caile Cairo Caledonia Calhoun Calhoun City Calvary Calyx Cam Camden Cameron Cameta Camp Ground Campbellville Canaan Cannonsburg Canton Cantwell Mill Capell Cardsville Carlisle Carlos Carmack Carmich Carmichael Carnes Carolina Carpenter Carriere Carrollton Carson Carson City Carter Carter Branch Carters Carterville Carthage Carto Cary Cascilla Caseyville Cash Castalian Springs Castleman Catahoula Catfish Point Landing Cato Cayce Cayuga Cedar Bluff Cedar Cove Cedar Grove Cedar Hill Cedar Lake Cedars Cedarview Center Center Grove Center Hill Center Point Center Ridge Centerville Central Central Academy Central Grove Centreville Cessions Landing Chalybeate Champion Hill Chancellor Chancy Chapel Hill Chapel Landing Chapeltown Chapelville Charleston Charlton Chatawa Chatham Cheraw Cherry Creek Chester Chesterville Chicora China Grove Chinquapin Chiwapa Choctaw Choctaw Landing Chotard Christmas Chulahoma Chunky Clack Clara Claremont Clark Clarkburg Clarksdale Clarkson Clarysville Clay Clayton Clayton Village Claytown Clear Branch Clear Springs Clearman Cleary Clem Cleo Clermont Harbor Cletonia Cleveland Cleveland Crossing Cliff Williams Clifford Clifton Cliftonville Clinton Clover Hill Cloverdale Clyde Coahoma Coal Oil Corner Coalville Coats Cobbs Cobbville Cockrum Coffeeville Cohay Coila Colby Cold Springs Coldwater Coles Coll Town College Hill Collins Collins Crossing Collinstown Collinsville Columbia Columbus Commerce Commerce Landing Como Complete Compromise Concord Concordia Conehatta Conerly Conn Contrell Conway Cooks Landing Cooksville Cooley Springs Cooperville Coosa Coral Corinth Cornersville Cornish Corrona Cotton Hill Gin Estates Cotton Plant Cottondale Cottonville Country Club Subdivision Country Oak Estates Counts Courtland Cowanville Cowart Coxburg Coy Craig Craig Springs Craigside Crandall Crane Creek Cranfield Crawford Crenfree Crenshaw Crockett Crosby Cross Roads Crossgates Crossroad Crossroads Crotts Crow Crowder Cruger Crump Crumtown Crupp Crystal Springs Cub Lake Cuba Cuevas Culkin Cullum Cumberland Currie Curtis Station Cybur Cyclone Cynthia Cypress Corner D'Iberville D'Lo Dabney Crossroads Dahomy Dale Daleville Dallas Jones Crossing Damascus Dancy Danforth Daniel Dantzler Darbun Darden Darling Darlove Darracott Darrington Davis Davo Days De Buys De Kalb De Lisle De Soto DeWeese Dean Landing Deans Corner Deasonville Decatur Dedeaux Dedwylder Deemer Deen Deep Creek Deerbrook Deerfield Dees Landing Deeson Delay Delta Delta City Denham Denmark Dennis Dennis Crossroads Dennis Landing Dennis Settlement Denton Dentontown Dentville Deovolente Derby Derma Devoe Dexter Diamondhead Dick Dickerson Dillon Dinan Dinsmore Distall Dixie Dixie Pine Dixon Dockery Dodds Doddsville Dogtown Dogwood Landing Doloroso Donegal Donohoe Dooley Dorsey Doskie Dossville Double Springs Dover Dowdville Dowell Dragon Drew Dry Creek Dry Grove Drysdale Dubard Dubbs Dublin Duck Hill Dueitt Duffee Duke Dulweber Dumas Duncan Dundee Dunkirk Dunleith Durant Durham Dwiggins Dwyer Dykes Crossing Eagle Bend Eagle Landing Eagles Nest Early Grove Earlyville East Aberdeen East Enterprise East Fork East Hillsboro East Lincoln East Macedonia East Moss Point East Pascagoula East Prentiss East Side Eastabuchie Eastland Eastman Eastport Eastside Eastview Eatonville Ebenezer Ecru Eddiceton Eden Edgewater Park Edinburg Edna Edsville Edwards Effie Eggville Egremont Egypt Egypt Hill Eldorado Eldridge Electric Mills Eliphaz Elizabeth Ellard Elleslie Elliott Ellis Cliffs Ellison Ridge Ellistown Ellisville Ellwood Landing Elmo Elton Elwood Embry Emerald Eminence Emmanuel Emory Empire Endville Energy Enid Enola Enon Enondale Enterprise Enzor Epley Epps Eret Errata Erwin Escatawpa Eskridge Esperanza Essex Estes Estesmill Estill Ethel Etta Eucutta Eudora Eulogy Eunice Eupora Eureka Eureka Springs Eutaw Eutaw Landing Evans Evanston Evansville Everett Evergreen Expose Fair Oak Springs Fair River Fairchilds Crossroads Fairfield Fairhaven Fairhill Fairview Fairview Landing Faisonia Falcon Falkner Fame Famosla Fannin Fanning Farmhaven Farmington Farrell Fawn Meadows Fayette Fayettehill Fearns Springs Fellowship Fenton Fentress Fenwick Ferguson Fernwood Fewell Fikestown Fitler Fitzhugh Flat Rock Flat Top Flatwood Flautt Flinn Flint Hill Flora Florence Flowerdale Floweree Flowers Flowood Floyd Flynt Foltz Foote Ford Fords Creek Fordyke Forest Forest Grove Forest Hill Forestdale Forkland Forkville Forreston Fort Adams Fort Loring Fort Loring Landing Fortenberry Foster Fouke Fountainebleau Four Forks Four Mile Four Points Fox Fox Island Foxworth Francis Franklin Frankstown Frazier Free Run Free Springs Free Trade Freeny Freewoods French Camp Friars Point Friendship Frog Island Frogtown Fruitland Park Fugate Fulcher Fulton Furrs Furry Futheyville Gainesville Galena Galilee Gallatin Gallman Galloway Gallway Gama Gambrell Gandsi Garden City Garlandville Gaston Gatesville Gatewood Gattman Gautier Geeslin Corner Geeville Geneill George Georgetown Gerlach Mill Germania Gershorm Gholson Gibson Gibson Landing Gift Giles Gill Gillsburg Gilmore Gilton Gitano Glade Gladhurst Glading Glancy Glaston Glen Allan Glen Aubin Glendale Glendora Glenfield Glens Glenville Glenwild Gloster Glover Gluckstadt Golden Golden Grove Good Hope Goode Gooden Lake Goodford Goodhope Goodluck Goodman Goodwater Gordon Gore Springs Goshen Goshen Springs Goss Grace Grady Graham Grand Gulf Grapeland Grass Lake Gravel Hill Graves Gravestown Gray Graysport Crossing Green Crossing Green Grove Green River Greenfield Greenland Greenville Greenwood Greenwood Springs Grenada Grenada Junction Grenada Landing Gretna Gridley Griffith Gulde Gulf Hills Gulf Park Estates Gulfport Gulfside Gum Grove Gum Spring Gum Springs Gums Gums Crossing Gunn Gunnison Guntown Gwin Gwinville Hale Hall Halltown Hally Halstead Hamage Hamburg Hamilton Hamlin Hampton Handle Handsboro Handy Corner Haney Hanford Hankinson Hannah Harbert Landing Hardee Hardy Harleston Harmon Harmontown Harmony Harperville Harriston Harrisville Hartman Harvey Harworth Hathorn Hatley Hatten Hattiesburg Havendale Hawkes Hawthorne Hayes Crossing Haynes Bluff Hays Hazel Hazeldell Hazlehurst Heads Heater Heathman Hebron Heidelberg Helena Helm Henderson Henderson Point Hendrix Henleyfield Herbert Springs Hercules Station Hermanville Hernando Hesterville Hickman Landing Hickory Hickory Flat Hickory Grove Hickory Hills Hideaway Hills Hidi Higdon Higgins High Hill High Point Highlandale Highpoint Hight Hightown Hilda Hillhouse Hillhouse Landing Hillman Hills Chapel Hillsboro Hillsdale Hinchcliff Hintonville Hinze Hiram Hiwannee Hobo Station Hoffman Hohenlinden Holcomb Holcut Holladay Holland Landing Hollandale Hollis Hollis Creek Holly Bluff Holly Grove Holly Hills Holly Landing Holly Ridge Holly Springs Hollyknowe Hollywood Holmesville Home Landing Homewood Homochitto Honey Island Hoodtown Hooker Hookston Hope Hopedale Hopewell Hopoca Hopson Horatio Horn Horn Lake Horn Place Landing Horseshoe Hortontown Houlka House Houston Hovey Howard Howell Howison Hoy Hub Hubbard Hubbard Creek Hudsonville Hugo Humber Humphreys Hunt Hunter Town Huntsville Hurley Huron Hurricane Hurricane Branch Hurricane Creek Hushpuckena Hustler Hutchins Landing Hyde Improve Increase Independence India Indian Hills Indian Springs Indianola Industrial Ingleside Ingomar Ingrams Ingrams Mill Insmore Institute Inverness Inwood Ireland Irene Isenberg Isola Issaquena Itta Bena Ituma Iuka Jacinto Jack Jackson Jackson Landing Jago Jaketown James Jamestown Janice Jaquith Jayess Jaynesville Jeannette Jeff Jeff Davis Jefferson Jeffries Jenkins Jennings Jericho Jetts Jobes Johns Johnson Johnsonville Johnston Johnstons Station Johnsville Jolly Jonathan Jones Chapel Jones Crossing Jones Mill Jonestown Joseph Jug Fork Jumpertown Junction City Juniper Grove KJirksey Kalem Kansas Landing Katzenmeyer Kearney Kearney Park Keel Keirn Kelleys Crossing Kelly Kelona Kelso Kemper Springs Kendrick Kennolia Keownville Kerr Kewanee Kienstra Kilmichael Kiln Kimball Lake Kimberly Kincaid King King And Anderson Kings Kings Corner Kingston Kinlock Kioto Kipling Kirby Kirklin Kirkman Landing Kirkville Kitchener Kittrell Klein Klondike Knobtown Knox Knoxo Knoxville Koch Kokomo Kola Kolola Springs Kongo Kosciusko Kossuth Kracker Station Kreole Lackey Lafayette Springs Lake Lake Appaloosa Estates Lake Center Lake Charles Landing Lake City Lake Como Lake Cormorant Lake Monroe East Subdivision Lake Monroe West Subdivision Lake Ridgelea Subdivision Lake View Lake Vista Lakeland Lakeover Lakeshore Lakeside Lamar Lamar Park Lambert Lamberts Store Lamkin Lamont Lampton Landon Laneheart Langford Langsdale Lanham Larue Latimer Latonia Lauderdale Laughlin Laurel Laurel Hill Lawrence Laws Hill Le Tourneau Leaf Leaf River Leakesville Learned Lebanon Leedy Leesburg Leesdale Leetown Leeville Leflore Leggett Lehr Leland Lemon Lena Leota Leotis Lespedeza Lessley Leverett Lewisburg Lexie Lexington Liberty Liberty Chapel Lightsey Lilac Lillian Limerick Lingle Linn Linton Linwood Little Creek Little Italy Little Rock Little Springs Little Sunflower Little Texas Little Yazoo Litton Livingston Lizana Lizelia Loakfoma Lobdell Loch Leven Loch Lomond Locke Station Lockhart Locum Locust Grove Lodi Logtown Lombardy Lone Pine Lone Star Long Long Beach Long Branch Long Lake Longino Longshot Longstreet Longtown Longview Longwood Looxahoma Loraine Lorena Lorenzen Loring Lorman Lost Gap Lost Lake Louin Louise Louisville Love Lovelace Lowrey Loyd Loyd Star Lucas Lucedale Lucern Lucien Luckney Ludlow Lula Lumberton Lurand Lurline Luther Lux Lyman Lynchburg Lynn Creek Lynville Lyon Maben Macedonia Macel Mack Macon Madden Maddox Madison Madisonville Magee Magenta Magna Vista Magnolia Mahned Mahon Malmaison Malone Malvina Manhattan Mannassa Mannsdale Mantachie Mantee Marathon Marcella Marianna Marienette Marietta Marion Maris Town Markette Markham Marks Marksville Markwald Mars Hill Martin Martin Bluff Martins Pine Hill Estates Martinsville Martintown Martinville Marvins Chapel Marydell Mashulaville Mason Landing Matagorda Mathena Matherville Mathews Crossing Mathiston Matthews Mattoon Mattson Maud Maxie May Spring Maybank Mayday Mayersville Mayfair Mayhew Mayton Maywood McAdams McAfee McBride McCall Creek McCall Landing McCallum McCarley McComb McCondy McCool McCrary McCutcheon McDaniels McDonald McElveen McGhee McGrath McHenry McIvor McLain McLaurin McLaurin Heights McLeod McMillan McNair McNeal McNeill McNutt McRaney McRaven McSwain McVille Meadville Mechanicsburg Meehan Meeks Mehr Melba Melis Melton Meltonia Meltonville Memphis Memphis Junction Mendenhall Meridian Merigold Merit Merrill Merry Hell Mesa Metcalfe Mhoon Landing Mhoons Valley Michigan City Middleton Midnight Midway Mikoma Mildred Mileston Mill Creek Mill Town Millard Millcreek Miller Millers Landing Millington Milltown Millville Milroy Milton Mims Mineral Springs Mineral Wells Minerva Mingo Minot Minter City Mish Missala Mississippi City Misterton Mitchell Mixon Mize Molino Monarch Moncure Money Monroe Mont Helena Monterey Montevista Montgomery Monticello Montpelier Montrose Moon Moores Mill Mooreville Moorhead Morgan City Morgans Store Morgantown Mormon Springs Morning Star Morris Morriston Morton Moscos Moscow Moseley Moselle Moss Moss Point Mound Bayou Mound City Mound Landing Mount Carmel Mount Herman Mount Horeb Mount Moriah Mount Nebo Mount Olive Mount Olivet Mount Pleasant Mount Vernon Mount Zion Movella Mulberry Muldon Muldrow Multona Springs Murdock Crossing Murphy Muskedine Muskegon Myles Myrick Myrleville Myrtle Nancy Nanih Waiya Napanee Napoleon Nason Natchez Natcole Necaise Neely Neil Nellieburg Nesbit Neshoba Nettleton Nevada Neville New Albany New Augusta New Bethel New Byram New Canaan New Fannin New Fellowship New Fitler New Hamilton New Harmony New Haven New Hebron New Hope New Hope Grove New Ireland New Liberty New Providence New Salem New Sight New Site New Town New Union New Wren Newman Newmans Newmans Grove Newport Newsom Newton Newtonia Niblett Landing Nichols Nicholson Nile Niles Nitta Yuma Nixon Nod Nogan Nola Norfield Norfolk Norris Nortac North Bend North Biloxi North Carrollton North Colony North Gulfport North Haven North Junction North Tunica Norway Norwood Noxapater Nugent O'Neil O'Reilly Oak Bowery Oak Grove Oak Hill Oak Ridge Oak Vale Oakland Oaklawn Oakley Oaks Obadiah Ocean Springs Ocobla Ofahoma Oil City Okahola Oklahoma Okolona Oktoc Old Americus Old Avera Old Dominion Old Houlka Old Myrtle Old Union Oldenburg Oldham Olio Olive Branch Oliverfried Oloh Oma Omega Onward Ora Orange Orange Grove Orangeville Oregon Orion Orvisburg Osborn Osborne Creek Osseola Oswego Osyka Otho Overby Ovett Owens Wells Oxberry Oxford Ozark Ozona Pace Pachuta Paden Palestine Palmers Crossing Palmetto Palo Alto Pannell Panther Burn Parchman Parham Paris Parkersburg Parks Parksplace Parsons Partee Pascagoula Pascagoula River Estates Pass Christian Pat Patmos Patosi Patrick Patterson Pattison Paul Paulding Paulette Paynes Pearl Pearl Hill Pearl River Pearlington Pearson Pecan Pecan Grove Peelers Pelahatchie Pellez Penantly Pendorff Penns Pentecost Penton Peoria Percy Perdue Perkinston Perry Perrytown Perth Perthshire Petal Peteet Petertown Peyton Pheba Philadelphia Philipp Phillipstown Phoenix Piave Picayune Pickens Pickwick Piera Pierce Crossroad Pierces Chapel Piggtown Piketown Pilgrim Grove Pilgrim Rest Pinchback Pinckneyville Pine Bluff Pine Flat Pine Grove Pine Lake Pine Ridge Pine Springs Pine Valley Pinebur Pinedale Pinehaven Estates Pineview Pineville Piney Woods Pink Pinola Pisgah Pistol Ridge Pittman Pitts Pittsboro Plain Plainview Plairs Plantation Plantersville Plattsburg Pleasant Grove Pleasant Hill Pleasant Ridge Plum Grove Plum Point Pluto Poagville Pocahontas Point Harbor Polkville Pontotoc Poolville Pope Popetown Poplar Creek Poplar Springs Poplarville Port Gibson Porters Chapel Porterton Porterville Possum Corner Possum Trot Possumneck Poticaw Landing Potlockney Potts Camp Powell Powers Prairie Prairie Point Praise Acres Pratts Prentiss Preston Pricedale Priceville Prichard Prince Chapel Priscilla Prismatic Progress Prospect Providence Puckett Pulaski Pullen Pumpkin Center Purnell Purvis Pushmataha Landing Pyland Queens Hill Quentin Quincy Quinlivan Quitman Quito Quofaloma Rafn Ragland Rainey Raleigh Ralston Ramsey Springs Randolph Rankin Ras Ratliff Ratliff Landing Ravine Rawhide Rawls Springs Raworth Raymond Raytown Red Banks Red Lick Red Top Redbone Redding Reddochs Redhill Redwater Redwood Reedtown Reese Reese Landing Reform Refuge Reganton Reid Remus Rena Lara Renfroe Renova Renshaw Rescue Landing Retreat Revive Rexburg Rexford Rhodes Riceville Rich Richardson Richburg Richey Richland Richmond Richton Ridgeland Rienzi Riggins Rio Ripley Rising Sun Riverdale Riverside Riverside Junction Riverton Riverton Landing Riverview Riverview Estates Rixwood Roadside Robbs Roberts Robinson Gin Robinson Springs Robinsons Junction Robinsonville Robinwood Rochdale Rock Branch Rock Creek Rock Hill Rockhill Rockport Rocky Branch Rocky Ford Rocky Hill Rocky Point Rocky Springs Rodney Roebuck Rolling Fork Rome Romeo Rose Hill Roseacres Rosebloom Rosebud Rosedale Rosella Rosemary Roseneath Rosetta Ross Crossing Rough Edge Round Lake Roundaway Rounsaville Rouse Rowlands Roxie Roy Royce Ruble Ruby Rucks Rudyard Rufus Ruleville Runnelstown Runnymede Rural Hill Rushing Ruslor Junction Russell Russellville Russum Ruth Sabino Sable Sabougla Sago Saint Ann Saint Catherine Saint Elmo Saint Francis Island Landing Saint Paul Salem Sallis Saltillo Sanatorium Sand Hill Sand Point Sandersville Sandtown Sandy Bayou Sandy Creek Subdivision Sandy Hook Sandy Ridge Sandy Springs Sanford Santa Rosa Santee Sapa Sarah Saratoga Sardis Sarepta Sartinville Satartia Saucier Sauer Saukum Savage Savannah Savannah Grove Savoy Sawyer Saxon Schamberville Schlater Schley Sciples Mill Scobey Scooba Scotland Scotland Fork Scott Searcy Town Sebastopol Self Creek Sellers Selma Sels Prairie Seminary Senatobia Senatobia Lakes Seneca Service Sessions Sessums Seven Pines Seven Springs Shackleford Shady Grove Shady Oak Shannon Shari Sharkey Sharon Sharpsburg Shaw Shelby Shellmound Shelton Shepherd Sheppardtown Sherard Sherman Sherwood Sherwood Forest Shiloh Shipman Shivers Shoccoe Shongelo Short Shraderville Shubuta Shucktown Shuford Shuqualak Sibley Sibleyton Sidon Signal Siloam Silver City Silver Creek Silver Creek Acres Silver Run Silver Springs Simmonsville Simonds Simpson Simrall Sinai Singleton Singleton Settlement Sipsey Fork Sisloff Junction Siwel Skene Skuna Skyline Slate Spring Slaughter Flat Landing Slayden Sledge Sleepy Hollow Sloan Smalco Smedes Smith Smith Town Smithburg Smithdale Smiths Smithtown Smithville Smyrna Snell Snow Lake Shores Society Hill Somerville Sonora Sontag Soso South Pascagoula Southaven Southhaven Southland Park Southside Spanish Fort Sparta Spearman Speeds Addition Speedtown Spencer Splinter Splunge Spraggins Spring Cottage Spring Creek Spring Hill Spring Ridge Spring Valley Springdale Springhill Springville St. Martin Stafford Springs Stage Stallo Stampley Standard Standing Pine Stanton Star Starkville State Line Station Creek Steele Steens Steiner Stella Stephen Stephenson Stephenville Sterling Stevens Stewart Stinson Stokely Stokes Stoneville Stonewall Stonington Stout Stovall Stover Stratton Strayhorn Strengthford Strickland Stringer Stringtown Strong Stronghope Sturgis Sucarnoochee Success Suffolk Sugar Hill Sumbax Summerland Summit Sumner Sumrall Sun Sunflower Sunflower Landing Sunnyside Sunrise Sunset Suqualena Susie Swan Lake Sweatman Swiftown Swiftwater Sykes Sylvarena Symonds Synagogue Tabbville Tallahala Tallahomo Tallula Talowah Tamola Tandy Tangipahoa Tanglewood Taska Tatum Tawanta Taylor Taylorsville Tchula Teasdale Teckville Ten Mile Teoc Terrell Terrene Landing Terry Terrys Creek Terza Texas Thaxton Thayer Thelma Theo Thomastown Thomasville Thompson Thompsonville Thorn Thornton Thrasher Threadville Three Rivers Thyatira Tibbee Tibbs Tie Plant Tilden Tillatoba Tillman Tilton Tinnin Tinsley Tiplersville Tippo Tisdell Landing Tishomingo Toccopola Tocowa Togo Tokio Tolarville Tollison Tomnolen Toomsuba Topeka Topisaw Topton Touchstone Tougaloo Townsend Tralake Tranquil Trapp Traxler Trebloc Tremont Trenton Tribbett Trinity Triplets Corners Trotter Landing Troy Truitt Tryus Tucker Tuckers Crossing Tula Tunica Tunica North Tupelo Turkey Creek Turnbull Turner Turners Flat Turnerville Turnetta Turnpike Turon Tuscan Tuscola Tutwiler Twin Twin Lake Twin Lakes Tyler Tylertown Tyro Tyson Una Union Union Church Union Hall Union Hill Unity Updike Upton Usrytown Ustane Utica Vaiden Valewood Valley Valley Hill Valley Mills Valley Park Value Van Buren Van Vleet Van Winkle Vance Vancleave Vardaman Varnado Vaughan Vaughn Vaughts Velma Verba Verna Vernal Vernon Verona Vestry Veto Vickland Vicksburg Victor Victoria Villanova Vimville Vinton Violet Virlilia Vossburg Vowell Waddell Wade Wahalak Waites Wakefield Wakeland Waldo Waldrup Walker Siding Walkers Gin Wallace Wallace Creek Wallerville Wallfield Wallhill Wallis Walls Walnut Walnut Creek Walnut Grove Walsh Walters Waltersville Walthall Wanilla Ward Wardwell Warrenton Warsaw Washington Water Valley Water Valley Landing Waterford Waters Landing Watson Watson Center Wautubbee Waveland Waverly Waxhaw Way Waynesboro Wayside Weathersby Webb Webster Weir Wellman Wells Wells Town Wenasoga Wesson West West Corinth West Days West Enterprise West Fulton West Gulfport West Hattiesburg West Hill West King West Leesburg West Lincoln West Marks West Point West Poplarville West View Westfield Westside Westville Whaley Wheeler Whistler Whitaker White Apple White Bluff White Cap White City White Harbor White House Landing White Oak White Plains White Sand Whitebury Whitehead Whites Whites Creek East Whites Crossing Whitesand Whitfield Whitney Whitten Town Wicker Wiehe Wiggins Wilco Estates Wildwood Wilkinson Willet Williams Williamsburg Williamsville Willing Willis Williston Willoughby Willows Willowtown Wilmot Wiltshire Wilzone Winborn Winchester Wingate Winona Winston Winstonville Winterville Wise Gap Wisner Wolf Wolf Springs Wood Springs Woodland Woodlawn Woodside Woodville Woodwards Wool Market Woolworth Wortham Wren Wright Wyatt Wyatte X-Prairie Yarbrough Yazoo City Yazoo Junction Yellow Lake Yocona Yokena Young Youngs Youngton Zama Zaphyr Hill Zeiglerville Zelleria Zemuly Zero Zetus Zion Zion Hill Zumbro